About Zigbot Media

We're freelance designers who love what we do and keep our claws sharp by taking on your projects for a lot cheaper than you're probably used to, for a lot better quality, turnaround, and service than you're probably getting now. We've do print, we do web, and we have the connections to get you where you want to be in all the fuzzy areas that surround.

We're kind of an agency, kind of just old friends, and are the kind of guys that have dreams in HTML and Adobe CS Suite. We proof read menus while we wait for lunch, and talk about fonts at parties. We don't have secretaries, sales guys, or phones that aren't mobile, and rookies don't get to join this club. If you want to eliminate the guesswork and just know you'll be proud of that project in the back of your mind, you want us on the job.

How does this work?

It's very simple ... when you ask us about a project, you get contacted by the person who's best, most experienced, and most passionate about exactly what you're doing. We've been doing this a very long time, and handle our own projects from start to end. You get one contact, one cellphone number, one person who will take your idea exactly where it needs to be because they want it to be there too.

How did this happen?

Zigbot Media was started in 2006 while I was happily art directing the day away at my corporate job as a way to try new things and expand my knowledge of design beyond my challenging-yet-too-specialized inhouse gig. In 2008 it became my full-time job, and I went on that roller coaster that is working from a home office. I love design; I love my job, but freelancing full-time just wasn't for me. I missed the office full of voices and snacks of questionable nutrition, and went back to work in December of 2010.

I've got great clients and built quite a profitable brand over the years, and I thought the best thing to do would be to bring in my incredibly experienced and talented friends to take the reigns. I may not be designing for Zigbot any more, but things are better than ever... I brought in some of the best designers I've worked with in my career to pick up what I've started and take it places I could never do so alone.

So, get ahold of us and ask anything. Thanks for reading.

Bryan D. Hughes

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